Sunrise over Lochloosa Lake:

Cypress trees of Orange Lake:

Photo: © 2004 Jeffrey Berger

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings made her home in Cross Creek and wrote a book of memoirs of the same name, which became a motion picture of the same name. Her American classic, The Yearling, won a Pulitzer Prize in 1939. Cross Creek is literally where you cross over from Orange Lake to Lochloosa Lake, or vice versa depending upon which way the birds fly.

Raised in a small country town surrounded by farms and woodlands, I have a special fondness for places where childhoods are spent “wide-eyed and breathless before the miracle of bird and creature, of flowers and tree, of wind and rain and sun and moon.” Perhaps this explains my interest in Nature.


spocko said...

Last year I was under siege from ABC/ Disney. You and friends helped me out.

I'm grateful. I hope you and your kids are well.

Vox Populi said...

That does my heart GOOD to know you saw Jenn. I'm so happy for you. I will try my best to view same. YAY !! That's all the Christmas (holiday) one needs, I think.

This is lovely. I read Ms. Rawling's book not long back on privacy -- a famous landmark case where one of her neighbors and friends sued her for writing about her. Like always, I didn't quite finish it but with Ms. Rawlings ... a sense of accomplishment settles over you as you read of her.
I love what you put in this article .. 'wide eyed and breathless' ... we never ran out of things to do ...
every hour of the day or night we could open a blind or pull back a curtain and something we LOVED would be there to awe over.
Thanks so much for keeping me up-posted on Jenn. You probably wouldn't believe how often you cross mhy mind. I'm just like that. My best friend's brother is headed back to afghanistan ...

Verging Writer said...

Wonderful pictures. There is something about nature, isn't there? When I get too caught up in the daily grind, etc. & fail to take time to get out into the natural world I get grumpy - very fast.

Tomorrow, I'm going to the beach.

Ron Sullivan said...

I love your photos, and these two in particular make me reflexively hold my breath and listen. Lovely unnameable* color in the first, too.

*OK, unnamed. So far. Not quite octarine.

Theresa said...

Good words.