RED-SHOULDERED HAWK (Buteo lineatus)
Location: Everglades
Photo: © 2007 Jeffrey Berger

Known for aerial acrobatics, the red-shouldered hawk always gets my attention. Common throughout Florida, they live in hardwood forests adjacent to wetlands where they dine on amphibians, crayfish, and small reptiles. Populations of red-shouldered hawks have declined due to clear-cutting of forests. Listen for KEEE-a. KEEE-a. Then look around.


chumly said...

These pictures would also make great paintings.

TKS said...

I am so impressed with both wing span and array.
Thank You Mr. Berger

Deep Thought said...

I wish I had your gear! My sons and i watched a large number of these hawks all together just a few weeks ago. I have some pictures from my poor little camera, but nothing this crisp.

boogie_check said...

Beautiful, swampcracker. I love Hawks and am glad they have made a comeback in my environmentally poisoned state...they make themselves known when I am out traveling.

(my alias is boogie-check)