WHITE IBIS (Eudocimus albus)
Location: Cross Creek
Photo: © 2004 Jeffrey Berger

The nomadic white ibis is experienced in massive flocks like star clusters in the Milky Way. I found this flock foraging the grasses and sedges of Lochloosa Lake.

The ibis has bright white feathers with black wingtips and stands about two feet tall. The ibis is a tactile feeder that will use its thin orange decurved bill as a probe, sweeping it from side to side in shallow water. With the first touch of food, the bill snaps shut. The ibis nests near freshwater because their young are salt-stressed on marine cuisine.


Anonymous said...

Not knowing much about the Ibis, I enjoyed the photo and the remarks with regards to its habitat and preferences.

Wonderful photo!


Anonymous said...

One of the best wildlife photographers in the world, we are sure.


treasa said...

Having time constraints in the morning I have never watched the Ibis show. However, this morn trying to view the weather I briefy watched his show. The written imagery you caste of Ibis as a sqwaker definitely represents his persona;yet his in flight successes might be compromised by the hat....
Thanks again Jeff for your literal and figurative imageries. Thanks too for wildlife data/facts that serve to endear these animals to us even more as we marvel at their skills to survive.